Thank You FONZANDCANCER for Your Continuous Support!

Thank You FonzandCancer

Thank you so much, FONZANDCANCER, for your wonderful compliments regarding Teacup Talk and your continuous support for Post a Book! We couldn’t be more honored and grateful to have such a wonderful reader like you!:) You and your blog continue to inspire us each day (yes, that includes Mark and his friends too 🙂 ) and we hope that you will continue to enjoy reading our posts on both blogs!:)

Thank You FonzandCancer2

*GASP* But you aren’t supposed to mention your double identity! John is still out there looking for the real Great Sarpati, remember? (or so we thought 😉 ) It’s too dangerous for you to make such a bold statement like the one above!!

Just kidding. 😀

So, Mark as in Post a Book,

not Mark in fonzandcancer,

— Wait a second! It WAS you, wasn’t it? I do see some resemblances between the two photos!! —  😀

Anyway, as I was saying, Mark is very humbled and honored when he read your post. He wants us to thank you for giving him and his friends the courage for this journey. So thank YOU for everything and thank you for enjoying our stories! 🙂


Teacup Talk

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