In About 24 Hours, The SECRET Will Finally Be Revealed… ;)

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Hello everyone,

We’d like to thank all of you once again for reading Post a Book! Hope you are having as much fun as we are!!

Bet you are also wondering about the current status on voting! So here it is:

there is no leading title at this point!!

*Gasps* The entire room suddenly turned oddly silent with shock. It’s almost like the joy is sucked out of you. Momentarily. “But how can it be?!!” you couldn’t help but shout a little.

Please take a deep breath, everyone, and relax. The results are not set in stone yet. According to our dashboard, some of our lovely readers are still catching up with the chapters (thank you all!), and we still got around 24 more hours before we reveal the final results. 🙂

Meanwhile, in between those wonderful times, anything exciting could happen! (For example, a sudden increase in voters turning up at the booth and turning the tide, etc.) 😀 And wouldn’t that be amazing, folks?

Oh, and the good news is that so far at least one title from each participant has been voted as a favorite! So what does that mean, everyone? Well, it simply means that the titles really ARE fantastic and the competition is ON!! The results are coming very close, so, in order to come up with a winning title, we really need more votes, everyone. Thank you so very much! More


Day 4, folks! This is So Exciting!!

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Hello everyone,

Things are about to get more interesting! Remember what we told you about Day1’s results? It appears that the winning title is no longer THE title at this moment.

“What do you mean?” you ask.

Well, it means that now we have TWO leading titles. How about that?!!

“Wait…what?” Now you are feeling excited yet nervous at the same time. Was it about your favorite title? Could one of these titles be the one you have chosen? More

Hurray!! (Day 1 of 8) Voting Results Update…

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Hello everyone,

Thank you so much for all of your support and help! So far, we have 9 people who voted for what they each think is the best title for Post a Book! 🙂

This is so exciting, everyone!! Wow, we are so surprised to see that so far 2 people have chosen the same title… Which one and will it remain the leading title? Well, to ensure no bias occurs in voting, we will only provide you some hints and clues until the voting post closed. Sorry to keep you in suspense… but this is so much fun!)

So, here is what the current poll reports look like (each color represents 1 title chosen by 9 lovely readers): More

Knock, knock! Testing… Testing 123!

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Hello everyone,

While we are waiting for the title submissions, we would like to do a little test on anonymous voting regarding the story we did on Post a Book. Since we’ve never done any voting on our blog before, we would like to make sure we got this right before we do the actual voting eight weeks later. Hence, your participation is very much appreciated!

Thank you so much!


Teacup Talk

Please click on the picture below to vote! Everyone is welcome! 🙂 We’d also appreciate it if you spread some love and words about us with your friends and family. 🙂

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