Sharing Endless Good Fun…Only With You, Lovely Folks!

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Hello everyone,

This is Mark, Andrew, Logan, Diane, Becky and George from Post a Book!

Thank you so much for accompanying us on this wonderful and exciting journey!

Today “marks” the birthday of Post a Book since we began our adventures about a year ago. 🙂 We have the story plot down, along with the drawings, and a group of lovely readers who have been so supportive! 😀

So, to celebrate this wonderful achievement, we’d like to throw a party for all of our followers on Teacup Talk and Post a Book. Since the party takes place in a virtual world, please feel free to invite yourself in, lovely folks! At anytime.

Are you ready for some good fun? Let’s get the party started!


First off, a fun movie for you to enjoy! 😀

Oscar’s Oasis

Please note: Because we have a very diverse background in our readership (i.e., age groups), we are going to try our very best to have a little something for everyone. Or at least something everyone can relate to or understand. So we found this movie on YouTube, rated for general audience. Hope you all have fun! 🙂


Selections of cool games of your choices!

Again, we try to find something fun and educational! 🙂

Play Online Games at Reader’s Digest


Some awesome comics for all ages in different genres!



And, if you are into arts and crafts:

Drawing Cartoons

Easy Paper Crafts for Fun


Or, you can simply grab a good book and have some exciting adventures, if you haven’t done so already! 😉

Post a Book


Please feel free to help yourself with all the nom-noms below! We even have some foods for kids!! And don’t forget to grab a to-go plate on your way out! There are plenty of good foods for everyone!! 😀

Thank you so much for coming and having fun with us! Please come back again anytime. We promise to be here!!

Also, please stay tuned for more updates on both Teacup Talk and Post a Book! Thank you so much!!

Sincerely ,

Mark, Andrew, Logan, Diane, Becky and George




















An All-You-Can-Eat Online Party for Everyone!

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Hello everyone,

This is Mark, Logan, Andrew, Diane, George, and Becky from Post a Book! We’d like to host an online party to thank you all for accompanying us on our journey. 🙂 Please know that we can never thank you enough for your continuous support, and each additional “like,” “reblog” and “follow” gives us the courage to go on. 🙂

Now, before the foods get cold, please have a seat and dig in! As always, we have ordered plenty of nom-noms to go around so please don’t be shy!

Thank you all and enjoy! And have a wonderful day!! 😀



Mark, Logan, Andrew, Diane, George, Becky, Jennifer and John


P.S. Credits/Notes: The photos below are not mine. These delicious and mouth-watering dishes belong to Ovation Brands. And, yes, many of them are my guilty pleasures and comfort foods! 🙂


big picture
















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