Story about Vampire in the Basement

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Hello everyone,

I was cleaning my house today when I found an old yearbook I hadn’t seen for a long time. It brought back some great memories. Among them was one about the vampire in school basement.

Do you believe in vampires?

I did. And so did the other kids in my third grade class.

It all started with a rumor about a centuries-old vampire moving into our school basement and a missing third-grade girl as a result. No one knew where she was and what happened to her.

Although the school basement was off-limits to students, some brave souls from another class announced that they were going to launch an investigation after school.

On the next day during recess, I remember all third graders gathered nervously at the playground, listening to those kids’ chilling account of what happened the day before. They told us how dark and damp the basement was once they descended the stairs. What’s even scarier was, as soon as the vampire spotted them, its eyes began to emit an eerie green glow.

Although those kids made a narrow escape, they were convinced that the entire school was in great danger.

“Think about it,” said one of those kids. “The vampire has to come out of the basement. It needs to be fed.”

“Right,” said another kid. “He’s gonna come after us real soon because he saw us and knew where we are!”

There was a hush of silence as we processed the information and pondered our own safety. More

Story about Flip-Flops

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Hello everyone,

It is getting colder these days and it amazes me to see people still walking around with flip-flops in weather like this.

Speaking of flip-flops, I suddenly remember a guy who used to wear flip-flops to class every day. I remember this because I was sitting a few seats from him.

Have you ever sit in a large auditorium with rows of descending seats?

Well, with seats like that, you know you can pretty much see what is in front of you.

One day, I overheard the flip-flops guy talking to a group of his friends. He told them about his love interest in this girl who sat in front of him.

“Watch me,” he bragged. “She’s going to go out with me.”

Very soon the girl showed up and sat down in her usual seat.

I had no idea what the guy was thinking. Because the next thing I knew, he kicked off one of his flip-flops and literally “combed” his unmanicured and hairy toes through the strands of that girl’s hair. More

Story about Understanding

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Hello everyone,

I was out shopping the other day when I saw a little boy near the toy aisle of store. He was pushing a small package toward his mother.

“Mommy, can we buy this? Please?”

His mother, a woman in thirtyish, began to push her shopping cart away. “Honey, we can’t. It costs three dollars and ninety-nine cents!”

“Is three dollars and ninety-nine cents a lot?” the boy asked softly.


“Do I have to work hard to get three dollars and ninety-nine cents?”

His mother sighed. “Yes, honey.”

“How hard?”

At this point, I couldn’t help but peeking at the little brown-haired boy. He was frowning and hugging the package tightly to his chest, his eyes downcast. More

Welcome to Teacup Talk!

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Hello everyone,

Welcome to my blog!

More and more people are drinking tea nowadays so I went out to buy a few bags for myself. While I relax myself with a cup of tea, I will share a story with you. The story could be something I witness, recall, or hear from somewhere.

I hope you will enjoy reading my stories under Story About series.

Thanks for reading and have a fabulous day!


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