A Very Sincere Letter from Mark, Logan, Diane, Andrew, and Becky


Hello everyone,

We are Mark, Logan, Diane, Andrew, and Becky from Post a Book.  We’d love to use this wonderful opportunity to thank all you amazing followers/likers/rebloggers/bloggers. Thank you also for checking out Teacup Talk ! 🙂

For some of you who have also been following us on Post a Book, you know that our journey has taken a sharp twist. Mark is worried beyond words that he may not ever find the missing heirloom, and more strange things are happening to us!

And now we’re just a group of lost kids, confused and scared, and we ask you to please kindly share our link https://postabook.wordpress.com/ with your family and friends. We believe that by also having more Followers on Post a Book , we will feel a sense of comfort and more courage as we continue down our journey.

Thank you so much for accompanying us and looking out for us on this journey, dear Followers! We can’t wait to finally go home and feel safe again!

Sincerely yours,
Mark, Logan, Diane, Andrew & Becky


lost kids

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