Hello everyone,

Recently I was involved in a very emotional project, after a series of crazy events in life. But today it’s not about me — even though I must quickly admit how much I missed all you lovely folks after being away for little while.

A while back, I heard a story, actually, about a nice and a very sweet girl. She was only in high school but was already taking college courses and preparing to go out to this big world with big dreams.

Everything was going according to the plan.

Until a dark twisted of fate appeared out of nowhere…

She met a very a friendly boy and got to know him personally. He had a certain enigma that puzzled her yet attracted her to him at the same time.

He was always so nice to her. So little did she know that everything was not what it seemed…

Fast forward to a few months later. She went to school one day and didn’t return home. 

A thorough background check soon revealed shocking truths about the boy, so her family became plagued with fears, their minds scattered and torn, mixing facts and things that they conjured up in imagination.

I remembered hearing about her father, in particular, who always got misty-eyed whenever he spoke of his girl.

“I just want to know that she’s safe,” he would say repeatedly in a choking voice, blinking the tears through his bloodshot eyes. “If only she would just call me, because we don’t know if she’s being hold against her will or not. If she’s okay, then we can all finally fall asleep tonight. But if she calls me and tells me that she’s scared, I’m out of the door in a heartbeat and tearing through the traffics until I find her myself and bring her home safely…”

There were no words to describe the unspoken and unconditional love he had for his daughter and the determination he held to find out whether his girl was safe as soon as he could.

So, while the family was very grateful for all the positive support and help from friends and others, the girl’s father took it to the social media when there were no leads and started to spread the word, along with his girl’s photo.

The result was astounding.

One of the bloggers happened to hear something about her whereabouts and contacted the hotline number for missing people and then, finally, the authorities brought her home safely!

Well, the project I mentioned in the beginning, of course, was a different case of another missing girl.

The girl’s family and the authorities, in this case, still has no details and clues about her whereabouts and why she and the boy have disappeared. But the fact that she also went missing after being dropped off at school reminds me the previous and successful example of how word of mouth and social media can be crucial to help search for the missing persons.

So, lovely folks, please share the love and help spread the word via social media or use any method of your choice to help this beautiful girl.

Also, if you or anyone you know spotted her, please call 855-SEEK-LOST right away! For all we know, she is probably in need of help in order to return home!

As always, I appreciate your kindness, love and support for my blog and my stories.

Hope you all have a blessed and a wonderful day!

Teacup Talk

Here’re more details regarding Paige Gergely’s disappearance:

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