Hello everyone,

Sorry we couldn’t keep you posted with the voting results last week, because our computer was acting a little funny and we still haven’t figured out why! For some reason, we kept getting the “unresponsive script error” each time we logged into the WordPress account. For the past few days, we were also horrified to see the Reader on our Dashboard a mere blank page! And this happened when we were using the Firefox browser, so we did a little research on Google. We learned that we bloggers should keep our Firefox browsers up-to-date to the latest version– which we were!

Firefox Issue

We decided to try our luck elsewhere. We tried to log into to our WordPress account using Internet Explorer instead. But, unfortunately, the same thing happened! 😦 (Under the classic WordPress dashboard, we still couldn’t get access to the Reader. 😦 )

Internet Issue

Suddenly, it occurred to us that, regardless of everything we tried to do to keep our voting from getting biased, our voting WAS biased in a way! *Gasps*

We figured that, if we were having the browser issue, so were some of our fellow bloggers! *Gasps* Which means that some of our lovely readers probably never got a chance to vote, because they couldn’t see our new posts!!

While we are working hard to resolve our browser issue, we just want to thank those of you who were fortunate to escape from this problem and managed to vote. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts! Please know that, for each vote and support and help we received, our hearts beat more strongly with joy, excitement and gratitude. 🙂

Meanwhile, as fun and exciting as the polling is, we authors have decided that it makes no sense to continue the biased voting. 😦 (I know. It’s one of those unexpected and unfortunate things.) But the good news was, the last time we checked, all the suggested titles have tied once again! 😀

So, here are what we’ve decided instead.


The winners of the title suggestions ARE:

*Drums Roll*










All the wonderful folks who have submitted the title suggestions!

*Your jaws dropped* “Really?!!… What?”

Yes, you’ve heard that right, lovely folks. We believe that, if we do get our book published successfully, it is more fair to acknowledge all these lovely folks who have inspired us so much! What we’re going to do is that we will acknowledge each lovely reader above (his/her blog name and site) in the acknowledgement section of the book. 🙂

Of course, we won’t forget to also thank the rest of our lovely readers who have “follow,” “like,” “reblog,” comment, and continue to spread love and kind words about us! You will know it’s you when we give a special shout-out in the acknowledgement section of the book, thanking all of our followers who have been so supportive on both Teacup Talk and Post a Book. 🙂


Again, thank you so much, everyone! We had so much fun, didn’t we?  🙂

For those of you who have participated the title suggestions, please head over immediately to Post a Book‘s Tab “Honor Rolls,” or click here to see your own recognition along with other amazing bloggers’ wonderful title suggestions. We have dedicated this page specifically for you all! 😀

If you are a new reader or haven’t checked out those amazing bloggers’ blogs, please don’t miss this wonderful opportunity to check them out as well! I’m sure you will be as inspired as I am, particularly when you get to know those inspired individuals who are as lovely as their blogs! 🙂


Thanks again, everyone, for your help and continuous support! You are a community of wonderful folks and we thank you with all of our hearts for all the good fun we had working on this project. 🙂 We will keep you posted so please stay tuned on Teacup Talk and Post a Book!

Oh, and apart from looking for a book publisher who will publish our book, we will also use every free time we get to catch up the “Awards” from where we left off, in terms of thanking more lovely folks by answering more awards on Teacup Talk. 😀 So please also keep your eye out for more awards and lists of nominees as well!

Thank you all so much and have a wonderful day! 🙂 We’d appreciate your continuous support and spreading LOVE and good words about us!! 🙂


Teacup Talk & Mark and his friends