Hello everyone,

Time flies and we can’t believe we only have four weeks until the voting day!

Here is a recap of what we’ve achieved so far. First of all, thank you so much for all of your support and wonderful title suggestions for our book! 🙂 We were super excited and the titles sounded so good!!

If you haven’t gotten the chance to submit your wonderful idea for the book title, you can still submit them here. 🙂 Thank you, lovely folks! 🙂

Since many of you are still thinking about the titles or reading the book, we, again, as writers decided to come up with some titles this week: (We will do the *Drums Roll* next time when someone other than ourselves submits the titles, because that’s when we are most excited 🙂 )

  • The 8th World Wanderers
  • Sunset at Magnus

Alright folks, we have only 4 more weeks to go! Truly looking forward to receive more amazing titles and truly appreciate all your help, support and encouragement!! 🙂


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