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One of my favorite types of candy is the strawberry bon-bons, the type of hard candy with soft filling and a fresh strawberry flavor.

When I was little, I used to collect the strawberry sachet wraps. I loved the design of those wraps, and when I finished eating those candies, I loved the smell of strawberry scent that lingered on the wraps.

I still love strawberry bon-bons to this day, but that’s not the only reason why I do. Every time I saw those delicacies, I thought about my very first trick-or-treating experience without my parents and how special the strawberry bon-bons had become to me.

I was in fifth grade and my parents had finally agreed to let me go trick-or-treating with my friends. So down the streets we ran, each of us trying to fill up our own goodie bag faster than the others. We ran past a small housing community, but something caught my attention.

I found myself running back and standing outside a house with a small, plastic jack-o-lantern that hung beside the doorway.

“Come on,” urged my friends. “You are not going to get much from this one. Let’s go where most kids go!”

I considered it briefly, but looking at the bright orange lantern before me and the darkness surrounding the rest of community, I rapped loudly on the door, ignoring my friends’ protests. For a while, the door remained shut and all we could hear was the silence.

I tried again and waited.

I was about to give up on waiting when I heard a commotion coming from behind the door. Then, the door suddenly flung wide open.

An elderly man stood before us, panting. He looked just like any other senior citizen. Sandy white hair and a wrinkled face. Except he beamed with such happiness that none of us knew what to say to him.

“Wait a minute, children,” he said in a small, trembling voice.

We watched him turn but stagger backward when he nearly lost his footing. For a minute, we thought he was going to fall. He didn’t.

The elderly man managed to grab the doorknob and shuffled slowly and painstakingly to a coffee table in the living room.

A small lamp in his living room emitted a dim and orange glow of light, but from where I stood, I could see a few simple pieces of furniture in his house.

I wanted to tell him to forget about the candies, but he seemed to be determined to get to the table. Finally, he returned with a basket full of candies.

“Here,” he said, grabbing a fistful of strawberry bon-bons with a trembling hand and dropping them into my goodie bag.

While he was handing out more strawberry candies to my friends, I felt like saying something to him. I wanted to know if he lived there alone and why was he so happy to see us. Luckily, I didn’t have to ask.

He told us that he had waited for children to come trick-or-treating. Each year, he lit the lantern, prepared candies and waited, but no one ever visited him.

My friends and I thanked him for the goodies. We also told him that we were glad to have paid him a visit.

“Come back next year,” he said, beaming.

“We will!” we promised him and waved him goodbye.

The rest of the night went by in a blur. I remember eating all the candies except the strawberry bon-bons when I got home. It took me several days to finish those strawberry candies because they were very special to me.

The following year, I invited my friends to go trick-or-treating with me again. We stopped by the elderly man’s house first, but there was no sign of the orange lantern by the door. Instead, we were greeted by the darkness surrounding the entire community.

We were pretty sure that this was the house, but we checked the house and the community again.

It was then we realized where we were. We were in such a hurry the year before we did not notice a small sign by the entrance of the community that says “—- Senior Retirement Community.”

My friends and I left, feeling sad and disappointed, and headed to the other communities in silence. Our only comforting thought was that we had visited him and made him very happy the year before.

Every candy has a good story behind it. Every time I see strawberry bon-bons candies, I will always remember the kind and gentle elderly man who waited tirelessly each Halloween for cheerful children to knock on his door and his determination to reward those who continue to dress up and have fun on this special holiday.


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Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading part of my Story About series! Hope you enjoyed it and stay tuned for other cool stuff!! Have a wonderful day, lovely folks!!


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