Hello everyone,

My nephew showed me a pot he made in the school today. I praised him for his artisanship and it seemed as though I have made his day.

Suddenly, I remembered a face jug I molded in fifth grade.

Did you know that “face jugs” or “ugly jugs” are crafts originated from the mountain of North Georgia and Western North Carolina? It is believed that people used to make those jugs to ward off evil spirits.

I guess you could say the term fits my jug very well. It was “ugly,” all right.

But it wasn’t supposed to be hideous at all. If my memory serves me right, it was supposed to be a gift to my history teacher who loved pottery collection.

The first little accident occurred after I left my jug in the firing room to dry.  This explained why my jug had a face with its mouth skewed and drooped terribly to the side. Obviously someone from another class was jealous of my artwork and had touched it before it dried.

The second little accident happened when I forgot to check the label before I added the colorants to the clay. As it turns out, the colors on the pottery changed after it had been fired up. This explained why I couldn’t recognize it at first when my art teacher waved an ugly and darkish blue jug in the air.

“Come and get your jug,” she said.

“It’s not mine,” I answered after a brief glance.

She wasn’t convinced. She turned to the bottom of the jug. “It IS yours,” she confirmed. “It has your name carved on the bottom.”

I could feel my cheeks burning as I pushed through the laughing crowd to claim my jug.

Upon a closer look, it looked more hideous than I’d thought. In addition to the freakish blue color on the face, its mouth had a pair of bloodied lips. I nearly passed out with embarrassment.

I went home that day in a foul mood. I kept the jug well hidden in the backpack until I closed my bedroom door.

Not knowing what else to do with it, I put it on the shelf with a huff. But, the more I stared at it, the scarier the room became and the more I wanted it out of my room.

I crept out of my room and sneaked into the bathroom. There I placed the jug in the back of cabinet and left the way I came.

Unfortunately, my cousin soon uncovered the jug. It got passed around until it found me again.

Finally, I brought my jug to the backyard where I could block out the sounds of laughter coming from the house. I practically threw it on the grass. I guess I was so upset I did not care what might happen to it and who else might find it.

I remember sitting at the porch a few days later and enjoying a backyard barbecue with friends and family. We were setting the plates on the picnic table when the neighbor’s cat approached.

“Shoo!” someone shouted.

The cat hissed angrily and continued its way toward the table.

You see, there’s one thing you should know about this cat. It had a nasty habit of marking its own territory with its sprayed urine.

While most of us tried to shoo the cat away, a few among us began to cover the food with anything we could find within the range.

Suddenly, the cat tensed, bristling, and its tail became bushy. Then, it jumped five feet in the air and ran away.

We whooped and erupted into laughter when we realized what had scared the cat away. It was my ugly blue jug on the grass.

I guess I felt a lot better about my jug afterward. After all, it could not only ward off the evil spirits but also the cat next door.

face jug4

Author’s Note:

Thank you so much for reading part of my Story About series! 😀 Hope you enjoyed it and stay tuned for other cool stuff!! Have a wonderful day, lovely folks!!


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