Hello everyone,

Have you ever had a feeling that, no matter what you do, someone will always say something about it?

I sure have.

The story I am about to share with you helps me feel better whenever that happens. I hope it does the same for you.

Once upon a time, a boy and his grandfather were traveling together on a long journey.

The elderly man became tired easily so he rode on the back of an old mare while the boy traveled on foot.

By noon, they came upon the first village.

“Look at that poor thing!” a villager cried, pointing at the boy who carried a heavy trunk twice of his size. “That’s child abuse!”

The other villagers murmured in agreement and soon a crowd of people gathered. They glared accusingly at the grandfather.

As soon as the boy and the grandfather passed the village, the grandfather got off the mare and insisted the boy to ride on it.

They came upon another village.

Once again, people were upset. They saw an elderly man carrying a huge trunk on his bony shoulder.

“Elderly abuse!” a passersby exclaimed loudly, attracting more villagers’ attention.

Finally leaving the second village behind, the boy quickly asked his grandfather to join him on the horse.

They arrived at the third village.

This time, the villagers were outrageous. They saw a poor old mare with knobbly knees carrying a huge trunk, a boy, and an elderly man.

“Animal abuse!” some villagers shouted and waved their fists.

The boy and the grandfather hurried on. But, once they were out of sight of the angry mob, they got off the old mare.

Together they carried the horse and the trunk into the fourth village, thinking that no one would get upset about their new arrangement this time.

The boy and his grandfather were right.

No one was upset in this next village. In fact, the villagers were laughing so hard when they saw the duo.

“Fools!” they pointed and snickered loudly.

The boy and the grandfather realized just how ridiculous they looked. But it was too late.

The people of entire village were gathering and laughing. “Show us some circus tricks!”

boy grandfather and horse2


DISCLAIMER: This is a story I heard from somewhere long time ago. I did not come up with this story myself.

Thank you so much for reading part of my Story About! 😀 Hope you enjoyed it and stay tuned for other cool stuff!! Have a wonderful day, lovely folks!!


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