Story about Face Jug

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Hello everyone,

My nephew showed me a pot he made in the school today. I praised him for his artisanship and it seemed as though I have made his day.

Suddenly, I remembered a face jug I molded in fifth grade.

Did you know that “face jugs” or “ugly jugs” are crafts originated from the mountain of North Georgia and Western North Carolina? It is believed that people used to make those jugs to ward off evil spirits.

I guess you could say the term fits my jug very well. It was “ugly,” all right.

But it wasn’t supposed to be hideous at all. If my memory serves me right, it was supposed to be a gift to my history teacher who loved pottery collection.

The first little accident occurred after I left my jug in the firing room to dry.  This explained why my jug had a face with its mouth skewed and drooped terribly to the side. Obviously someone from another class was jealous of my artwork and had touched it before it dried.

The second little accident happened when I forgot to check the label before I added the colorants to the clay. As it turns out, the colors on the pottery changed after it had been fired up. This explained why I couldn’t recognize it at first when my art teacher waved an ugly and darkish blue jug in the air.

“Come and get your jug,” she said.

“It’s not mine,” I answered after a brief glance.

She wasn’t convinced. She turned to the bottom of the jug. “It IS yours,” she confirmed. “It has your name carved on the bottom.”

I could feel my cheeks burning as I pushed through the laughing crowd to claim my jug.

Upon a closer look, it looked more hideous than I’d thought. In addition to the freakish blue color on the face, its mouth had a pair of bloodied lips. I nearly passed out with embarrassment. More


Story about a Boy, a Grandfather, and a Horse

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Hello everyone,

Have you ever had a feeling that, no matter what you do, someone will always say something about it?

I sure have.

The story I am about to share with you helps me feel better whenever that happens. I hope it does the same for you.

Once upon a time, a boy and his grandfather were traveling together on a long journey.

The elderly man became tired easily so he rode on the back of an old mare while the boy traveled on foot.

By noon, they came upon the first village.

“Look at that poor thing!” a villager cried, pointing at the boy who carried a heavy trunk twice of his size. “That’s child abuse!”

The other villagers murmured in agreement and soon a crowd of people gathered. They glared accusingly at the grandfather.

As soon as the boy and the grandfather passed the village, the grandfather got off the mare and insisted the boy to ride on it.

They came upon another village.

Once again, people were upset. They saw an elderly man carrying a huge trunk on his bony shoulder.

“Elderly abuse!” a passersby exclaimed loudly, attracting more villagers’ attention.

Finally leaving the second village behind, the boy quickly asked his grandfather to join him on the horse.

They arrived at the third village. More

Story about Vampire in the Basement

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Hello everyone,

I was cleaning my house today when I found an old yearbook I hadn’t seen for a long time. It brought back some great memories. Among them was one about the vampire in school basement.

Do you believe in vampires?

I did. And so did the other kids in my third grade class.

It all started with a rumor about a centuries-old vampire moving into our school basement and a missing third-grade girl as a result. No one knew where she was and what happened to her.

Although the school basement was off-limits to students, some brave souls from another class announced that they were going to launch an investigation after school.

On the next day during recess, I remember all third graders gathered nervously at the playground, listening to those kids’ chilling account of what happened the day before. They told us how dark and damp the basement was once they descended the stairs. What’s even scarier was, as soon as the vampire spotted them, its eyes began to emit an eerie green glow.

Although those kids made a narrow escape, they were convinced that the entire school was in great danger.

“Think about it,” said one of those kids. “The vampire has to come out of the basement. It needs to be fed.”

“Right,” said another kid. “He’s gonna come after us real soon because he saw us and knew where we are!”

There was a hush of silence as we processed the information and pondered our own safety. More

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