Hello everyone,

It is getting colder these days and it amazes me to see people still walking around with flip-flops in weather like this.

Speaking of flip-flops, I suddenly remember a guy who used to wear flip-flops to class every day. I remember this because I was sitting a few seats from him.

Have you ever sit in a large auditorium with rows of descending seats?

Well, with seats like that, you know you can pretty much see what is in front of you.

One day, I overheard the flip-flops guy talking to a group of his friends. He told them about his love interest in this girl who sat in front of him.

“Watch me,” he bragged. “She’s going to go out with me.”

Very soon the girl showed up and sat down in her usual seat.

I had no idea what the guy was thinking. Because the next thing I knew, he kicked off one of his flip-flops and literally “combed” his unmanicured and hairy toes through the strands of that girl’s hair.

I can still recall everything vividly.

The girl made a loud gasp and turned her head sharply. From where I was sitting, I could see her eyes narrowed to slits, giving him a dirty look.

I wanted to tell her, “Run home as fast as you can! And wash your hair at least five times!!!”

I guess the flip-flops guy learned his moral lesson: Never comb your feet through the hair of someone you like.

Up until this day, though, I still cannot figure out why he did that, thinking he could have a chance with her.

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Thank you so much for reading part of my Story About series! 😀 Hope you enjoyed it and stay tuned for other cool stuff!! Have a wonderful day, lovely folks!!


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