Hello everyone,

I was out shopping the other day when I saw a little boy near the toy aisle of store. He was pushing a small package toward his mother.

“Mommy, can we buy this? Please?”

His mother, a woman in thirtyish, began to push her shopping cart away. “Honey, we can’t. It costs three dollars and ninety-nine cents!”

“Is three dollars and ninety-nine cents a lot?” the boy asked softly.


“Do I have to work hard to get three dollars and ninety-nine cents?”

His mother sighed. “Yes, honey.”

“How hard?”

At this point, I couldn’t help but peeking at the little brown-haired boy. He was frowning and hugging the package tightly to his chest, his eyes downcast.

His mother let out another sigh. “You have to work very hard until you have enough money to buy…” She threw up her hands in frustration. “Say, three loaves of bread.”

“Oh.” The boy quickly put the package back on the shelf. “I was just wondering. I don’t really need new toys anyway.”

I was speechless and shocked. I guess I expected him to start crying and kicking like many other kids do when their parents refuse to buy things for them. Instead, he was very understanding, even willing to forgo the toy for three loaves of bread.

This makes me realize one thing. Every dark cloud has a silver lining.

While most of us are hit hard by the economic downturn and we certainly hope for some kind of miracle to get us out of this recession quickly, some of our kids are actually becoming more aware of the reality and the world around them.


Thank you so much for reading part of my Story About series! Hope you enjoyed it and stay tuned for other cool stuff!! Have a wonderful day, lovely folks!!


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